How to import a car to Canada from Japan

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The Canadian-American market is filled with a huge number of cars, including Japanese manufacturers, such as Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Subaru, etc. However, all these cars are assembled in American factories. Unlike Japanese, they are not as reliable and, as a rule, parts wear out much faster. This was done with the goal that people quickly change cars, thereby bringing more money. Is the right handlebar legal in Canada? Yes, legal. However, bringing a car from Japan is not a 5-minute thing, so if you are thinking of doing it yourself, you will have to work hard. You can also take advantage of various companies that specialize in the import of such cars. Car dealer Vancouver Velocity Cars, in which the core backbone consists of Russian-speaking workers, one of those companies that will help you find a car according to your needs.

All you need is to come and get the numbers right at the dealer. For those who want to save money and bring the car myself, we will describe step by step instructions on how to do this. So let’s go. To begin with, there is a strict law on the basis of importing cars to Canada, which allows you to bring cars only 15 years and older (for the province of Quebec, the rule is even tougher, 25 years or older). This is done to protect the local car market. Today is April 2016, that is, the freshest vehicle you can bring is the one that was released in April 2001. Suppose you found the car you were looking for, then find an exporter is pretty easy, just type in Japanese exporter in Google, and you immediately get a huge number of companies that will be happy to help you.

Currently in Canada there are only 3 ports that can take ships with cars from Japan. These are Halifax (New Brunswick Province), as well as two ports in British Columbia New Westminster and Vancouver. Before shipping, make sure that your exporter has sent 4 mandatory documents. Perhaps the most interesting step, which is fraught with many nuances and pitfalls. Before you register a car, you must pass a safety inspection for the car. We will try to list the main criteria that the inspector will pay attention to. After you receive the necessary piece of paper from the inspector, all the documents for registration are ready. An insurance company can register a car, for example ICBC in British Columbia. For registration will have to pay another 7% of the cost of the car.

After that, you can finally insure the car and get the numbers. As you can see, the process is rather cumbersome, and if you do it the first time, you can spend more than you planned. Vancouver strongly recommends using specialized car importing companies from abroad. Recall that the car dealer Vancouver Velocity Cars, in which the core backbone consists of Russian-speaking workers, is based on the import and sale of Japanese cars, so we strongly recommend using this company, which will help you to bring cars with a 100% guarantee.