Near Vancouver will begin to build a new huge ski base

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Vancouver is one step closer to getting a new backyard ski base. The provincial authorities have already confirmed the so-called environmental impact assessment certificate for the two proposed sites Garibaldi and Squomish, which is a big step forward to promote the project. The base, located 15 kilometers from Skomomish, extends along the Sea to Sky Highway. It is already known that on the territory of the base 124 ski routes will be located, as well as three small so-called campuses, in which more than 5,000 places will be available for visitors (houses and apartments).  But don’t be in a hurry to rub wax on your skis, as the project is still far from complete implementation. Even with the most positive forecasts, the base will not be completed in the next 20 years.

A recreation center worth 3.5 billion will be located along the Brohmon Ridge of Garibaldi Mountain, which is located near the foot of an ancient volcano. For the first time, the project of the base was proposed by developers in the area more than 20 years ago, after which the first work on environmental assessment was started. The following issues were troubling: the invasion of untouched wilderness, an increase in the amount of car traffic passing through the terrain, as well as water scarcity and other problems.

The journey to the new base will take approximately 35 minutes less than to Whistler Blackcomb. According to the project, developers see a place that will work all year round: in the winter skiing, in the summer bicycles and hiking. In part, this explanation is an attempt to calm the excitement about the lack of snow in the region and more and more warm winters. More than 100 ski slopes will be laid on a segment of land of 7 square kilometers, where 3 gondola lifts and 18 chair lifts will be installed. In the three adjacent towns can not be stopped in cars, the territory will be located many restaurants, hotels and shops. With Skomomish, which is located in the neighborhood, all this magnificence will be connected by public transport routes.

According to expectations, the process of building a base will create about 2,000 jobs. With the start of the ski base, 4,000 jobs will be created. The work base will bring up to 49 million dollars in taxes per year, according to CBC. The promotion of 40 separate conditions was part of the environmental assessment, according to Vancouver Sun. The list of requirements included a strict limitation on pumping water out of the ground, as well as finding solutions to reduce the number of clashes of people with wild animals (bears).